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About Us

With roots dating back to the inception of OPC classic development, our journey began with a focus on DA standards, gradually expanding to include AE and HDA standards as they gained prominence. Over the years, we've organically transitioned to OPC UA standards, reflecting the industry's shift. Our team brings a wealth of experience in OPC classic and OPC UA development, showcasing a practical understanding of evolving standards. From foundational DA protocols to nuanced features in AE and HDA, our projects reflect a hands-on familiarity with OPC technologies. In recent years, we've witnessed a growing emphasis on OPC UA standards. Our adaptability and hands-on experience uniquely position us to tackle related projects. Choosing us means partnering with a team that combines historical OPC expertise with a realistic approach to the industry's latest standards. Let us contribute our practical know-how to ensure the seamless integration and success of your projects in the ever-changing landscape of OPC technologies.

Mobile UA

The mobile UA application, available on both Android and iOS platforms, enables direct connection to OPC UA servers from your phone. It features a real-time list showcasing values in a concise format, a trend view illustrating the progression of multiple variables through line graphs over time, and a customizable dashboard view capable of housing diverse real-time information widgets.

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Web UA

The Web UA application is a web-based tool for visualizing data from OPC UA servers. Within the dashboard view, you can integrate various widgets, including simple displays, circular gauges, linear gauges, and simple trends, to visualize variable values. The real-time list view displays values in a clear list format, while the trend view illustrates the values of multiple variables over time using line graphs.


Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that clients receive end-to-end support for OPC classic and UA standards, from initial implementation to ongoing optimization and support.


OPC UA Development

  • Designing and implementing OPC UA servers and clients.
  • Developing Information Models for seamless data representation.
  • Ensuring secure communication through OPC UA security features.

OPC Classic Development

  • Implementing Data Access (DA) standards.
  • Integrating Alarm and Event (AE) standards for real-time notifications.
  • Historical Data Access (HDA) implementation for robust data storage and retrieval.

Migration Services

  • Upgrading legacy OPC classic systems to OPC UA standards.

Custom Protocol Solutions

  • Tailoring OPC solutions to meet specific client requirements.
  • Developing custom communication protocols for unique industrial applications.

Integration Services

  • Integrating OPC standards with existing systems and third-party applications.
  • Ensuring interoperability for a seamless data exchange between diverse platforms.

Custom Software Development

  • Developing custom software solutions leveraging OPC standards.
  • Creating applications tailored to specific industrial automation needs.

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